Online Dating – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Online dating has become not only the desired way but the  number one way people are dating.   

Many critics have stated that this is a dangerous way of dating.  But, it’s not any more dangerous than meeting someone while vacationing, on a walk, or at a party … you have no idea where this person came from, their background or their friends and family. 

With a thorough background check, either way of dating is fine – if you don’t know the background of a person, or have suspicions – you can discover all you need to know about the person, their background and their family by hiring a pi.  

Scary???? …. No.  Just being smart. 

The difference between Online dating and meeting someone at a party is that with online dating however, you can’t be sure the photo of the person you are interested in – is really that person.  So, you have to meet to make sure! … no big deal – just meet in a public area, do not allow your date to gain your license plate number, as even though it is illegal for anyone to run a plate – I never take anything for granted and would rather be safe than sorry.

A little piece of advice from a fello online dating groupie – if you are a member of lavalife, make sure if you find a person of interest under the relationship or dating category – that you also look under the “intimate” category to see if they have posted a profile there as well.  You may laugh at this – but seriously, enter the age range and locale and you may be unpleasantly surprised … unless you are looking for that sort of thing.

Abigail Pearce

A Woman Pi



About awomanpi

A Woman Pi is a Private investigation firm owned and run by women who are determined to gain the truth! With over 12 private investigators, we pride ourselves on obtaining immediate results in an effective manner. Affordability, Determination and Confidentiality are the three ingredients of this investigation firm. Bringing closure to every situation.
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